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The final draft of the 21st Century Park System Strategic Plan


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The Iowa Parks Foundation exists to strengthen the connection between Iowa’s people and their parks. We do this by serving as an independent voice to facilitate a new vision for Iowa’s parks. We intend to help cultivate stewardship through environmental education and research, advocate for adequate funding of park programs and infrastructure improvements, increase the number of park users and improve the quality of visitor experiences in Iowa’s parks and places of natural beauty.


Your investment will be used to help Iowans Connect...

  • To the natural world through Iowa’s parks and places of natural beauty

  • Park users with communities and to other regional recreational and cultural assets

Your investment will be used to help Iowans Transform…

  • Physical infrastructure, natural assets and interpretive programs of Iowa’s Parks—restoring them to world class condition

  • The role of Parks in improving the physical health, mental health and quality of life of Iowans

Your investment will be used to help Iowans Celebrate…

  • Iowa’s proud legacy and place in the history of State and National Park development as we prepare the centennial celebration of the first Iowa State Park

  • Parks as regional assets with universal access for gatherings of families, friends and community celebrations